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Color : Yellow

Solid Substance Ratio: %48+-2

Viskozite(DIN cup): 150+-10 sn.

Flammability: NOT FLAMMABLE

Temperature Resistance: 50-55 C

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FIELDS OF APPLICATION : PO-MAX PLUS 7015 is used in bonding of foam on foam, foam on wood, foam on felt, foam on fabric, foam on metal and foam on plastic, felt on felt, fabric on fabric in Furniture Industry, Spring Bed (Mattress) Industry, Office Furniture Industry. For labor safety and health, working environment must be properly ventilated. Our company is not responsible for losses and damages arising from improper storage or use of the product.

APPLICATION METHOD : PO-MAX PLUS 7015 is applied on single surface (or double surface if desired) by a spray gun (with 1.8 mm nozzle) as a thin film under 3-6 bar air pressure. After application wait for a short time for evaporation of solvent. This period changes according to the amount applied, room temperature, and air ventilation. Surfaces on whici PO-MAX 7005 are applied must be bonded together within 3 minutes; otherwise the desired result cannot be attained. As correction is impossible, bonding should be faultless.